Early morning your guide will pick you up for the day’s cultural adventure. Depending on where you spend the night the city tour begins with a visit to the Katereke prison ditch. A historical place for the Buganda kingdom where Kabaka Kalema starved royal prisoner to the point of death between 1888 and 1889 in effort keep his throne. The circular dug out trench is also a place of cultural worship and invocation of spirits.

Next we continue to the Nagalabi coronation site a site where the kings of Buganda are coroneted. No one becomes king of Buganda unless they go through the initiation rites of Nagalabi coronation site.

Continue to the Kabaka’s palace in Mengo the administration capital of Buganda. Her history of one of Uganda’s oldest kingdoms comes to life. There is more to the fine historical architecture than the eyes meet. You will, be taken through the history of Buganda and its kings, Amin’s torture chamber where the blood of the massacred people and their agony are still fresh and the different norms of the Buganda people. The palace which was built by Kabaka, is not where the king stays every king is free to build his own palace on another hill and the current Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s palace is in Kireka.

Just across from the palace is the Buganda parliament the Lukiiko, the building houses the Kabaka’s administrative office and the Katikiro (prime minister). Bulange which is found on Namirembe hill was inspired by a building Ssekabaka Mutesa II saw while in exile in Scotland. The construction was fully funded by the Buganda government. Today on your visit to the parliament you will learn more about the clans of Buganda and much more.

The Kabaka’s lake located only a few kilometers from the parliament will be our next destination. This is the largest manmade lake which was dug at the orders of king Mwanga as an escape route and short cut by water this other palace in Munyonyo. However it was never completed although the work is commendable. The lake has no rivers supplying it but has a constant flow of water all throughout the year. It also has a magnificent display of birds as well as small canoes.

From there we shall drive a few kilometers to Kasubi hill where we will visit the Kasubi tombs a UNESCO world heritage site and a burial ground for the fallen Buganda kings. The site was gutted down by fire about a few years ago but reconstruction works have proved fruitful. Time allowing we can punctuate our Buganda cultural city tour with a visit to a crafts village to pick up some souvenirs.


The religious city tour gives you an insight on the different places of worship around Kampala and a b9it of history about the religion in Uganda.

After an early morning breakfast you will be picked by your competent and knowledgeable driver guide who will be talking you around the city’s major places of worship helped by the site guides.

Depending on where you spend our night we will begin our tour to the Namirembe Cathedral:  the doom like structure is the capital of the Anglican Church in Uganda or call it the headquarters. This is the oldest cathedral in Uganda.  While at the top of the hill you will enjoy superb views of the city.

Next we will continue to the Rubaga Catholic Cathedral the oldest Catholic Cathedral in Uganda, it is the headquarters of the Catholic Church and likewise offers good views of the capital city.  There is a lot to learn about the catholic history in Uganda and Buganda at large while at this state of the art architectural cathedral.

The Baha’i Temple: This being the only Baha’i Temple in Africa makes Uganda a prime tour and safari destination to many tourists. It is located on Kikaaya-a hill also overseeing Kampala. It is a beautiful park like ground with lots of beautiful trees most of them fruit tree species plus flowers as well as a green-carpet like grass with clean clear gazetted paths leading to the dome. This park like environment attracts many people who sit on the grass and have a peaceful moment or hold picnics not forgetting couples in love who flock this place for quality time.

Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine: This is a memorial place from where 22 Catholic young men/martyrs were officially burnt to ashes after rebelling against Kabaka Mwanga when he ordered then to stop worshiping the missionary`s preached God of heaven but in vain. Every 3rd June the Catholic Church and their counterpart of Anglican persuasion flock this place from all over Africa most of them by foot to commemorate this day in honor of their Religious heroes. present is a wheel believed to have formed by divine/ miraculous power from which believers take lots of holy water for divine healing.There unique architecture of the temple of worship in this place is yet a great tour destination. This is a must see place!!!.